Uniphar Relay for Hope

Uniphar Relay for Hope GIF

Uniphar is a multinational pharma and medtech manufacturer that deliver to over 160 countries and employ over 2,200+ worldwide. Uniphar supports a number of different charities and causes through fundraising events during the year. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that Uniphar had to take a different approach from their usual fundraising activities and events. Uniphar made […]

Pre-Order Pints: McSorley’s Case Study

Growler Pour McSorley's Stacks Social Media Content

Since 1991 McSorley’s has been a landmark in the heart of Ranelagh. Family-owned and run, McSorley’s comfortable surroundings and warm atmosphere have ensured its status as one of Dublin’s best-loved bars. With a comprehensive drinks menu and food 7-days a week it is considered a natural choice for sport lovers in the Dublin 6 area.The […]

Lansdowne FC: Visual Identity

LFC Visual Identity

Founded in 1872, Lansdowne FC is one of Irelands longest established Rugby Clubs. Lansdowne FC has established itself as one of the top clubs in Ireland, attracting players from all corners of Ireland and beyond. Lansdowne’s position as a top Rugby Club means it has a large community of members and supporters which brings a […]

The Temple Bar Case Study

Temple Bar Pub Gif

The Temple Bar Pub is the most famous pub in Ireland. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit The Temple Bar annually. The cherry-red painted pub is considered a must-visit pub for its unique photogenic exterior, live music and late night atmosphere. In the lead up to Christmas 2018, The Temple Bar wanted to leverage it’s […]